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Sisu Sisu

Sisu, 2022

2022 / Finland / Great Britain
7.1 Rate
10 votes IMDb Rating: 6.9
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Deep in the wilderness of Lapland, Aatami Korpi is searching for gold. From time to time, the overflight of bombers and the distant sounds of war can be heard in the autumn night. Finally, the hard work is rewarded and the gold dust in the pan grows into gold chunks, and Aatami sets out to take his gold treasure to the nearest city. After he stumbles upon Nazi patrol led by SS Obersturmführer Bruno Helldorf, a breathtaking and gold-hungry chase through the destroyed and mined Lapland wilderness begins.
7.1 Rate
10 votes IMDb Rating: 6.9
Runtime 1 hour 31 minutes
Production year 2022
Premiere in Serbia May 4, 2023
World premiere January 27, 2023
Aksel Hennie
Aksel Hennie
Cast and Crew
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Film rating
Rate 10 votes
6.9 IMDb
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2023, USA, Biography, Drama, History
2023, Serbia, History, Thriller
2023, USA, Detective, Crime, Drama
2023, USA, Action, Adventure, Thriller
2023, USA, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
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2023, Serbia, Drama, Thriller
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